Our Mission

Greater Spokane Progress is a collaborative network united to build political strength and equity in our community.

In 2009, Spokane leaders founded Greater Spokane Progress (GSP) as a regional network of the statewide Win/Win Network. We brought together diverse organizations to strengthen our collective capacity to create long-term change in our community. Today, we are locally-led and independent!

GSP is a permanent alliance of close to 40 organizations that drives progressive change by connecting, coordinating, and supporting diverse organizations. We support organizing efforts of aligned organizations, coalitions, BIPOC and other impacted communities throughout the Spokane region. Our members developed the Spokane Progress Plan (SPP) which drives our work, lifting up the intersectional work of our members. Our goals include housing justice, police accountability, rights for immigrants and refugees, smart justice, civil rights and equity, and climate justice.

Our Racial Equity Initiative is building the understanding and capacity of organizations in using an intersectional racial equity lens to advance racial equity; and is supporting the liberation, development, and continuing education of a multi-racial team of racial equity trainers and leaders committed to anti-oppression.

GSP plays an unique role by providing coordination and organizing capacity to support work led by BIPOC and other impacted communities through coalitions and engagement of GSP’s diverse membership. We use an intersectional racial equity lens in all of our work because racism and discrimination divides our community and is a barrier to our mission of bringing people and communities together.

Our network’s organizations are working together to advance our collective vision through policy wins to effect real, lasting change in Spokane and create equity in our community.