Spokane Progress Plan

The Spokane Progress Plan is a member designed, goal-oriented action plan that drives our work.

Legislative Agenda

Greater Spokane Action (GSA),  Greater Spokane Progress’ affiliated 501(c)(4) organization, leads the annual process to develop our network's state legislative agenda. Our legislative agenda is a reflection of the diversity of our network and their priorities.

Smart Justice Spokane

Smart Justice Spokane is a broad coalition of over 30 organizations working together to end mass incarceration and eliminate racial disparities in our local criminal justice system.

Racial Equity Initiative

The GSP Racial Equity Initiative is building the understanding and capacity of organizations in using an intersectional racial equity lens to advance racial equity.

Racial Equity Trainers’ Cohort

Greater Spokane Progress is supporting the liberation development and learning with a focus on racial healing for a multi-racial team of racial equity trainers and leaders.

Greater Spokane Action

Greater Spokane Action (GSA) is the 501(c)(4) political arm of GSP, reshaping politics by educating, advocating, and mobilizing to establish and strengthen equitable and progressive policies in our community.