The Spokane Progress Plan is a member designed, goal-oriented action plan that drives our work. We are working together to transform our region to create a more equitable, peaceful, healthy, economically and environmentally just community by achieving the following goals:

  • Housing justice in Spokane: We will pass strong tenant protections and fund permanent affordable housing to intentionally address racial disparities to provide equitable, stable, quality, safe, and accessible housing for all.
  • Immigrants and refugees will not live in fear: We will enact and uphold policies to ensure that all people have a right to live in and visit Spokane without fear of interrogation by federal immigration authorities and can fully participate, engage civically, and be counted.
  • Civil and human rights, racial equity, and inclusion: We will move local governments to clearly denounce hate, intolerance and bias in all forms and commit to racial equity and inclusion in a way that is transparent and accountable to the public by enacting policies, programs, and practices to lead this work. See the Community Proposal for a City of Spokane Office of Civil Rights, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Smart justice in our regional criminal legal system: We will win effective, restorative solutions that are driven by the experiences and needs of those impacted by the criminal justice system, as the recovery and integration of those caught up in the criminal justice process is essential for a strong, healthy, and just community.
  • A more sustainable community to reduce the effects of climate change: We will build a more sustainable, resilient community in harmony with our local environment and economy by promoting environmental justice for communities most impacted by environmental degradation; clean and healthy water and air; sustainable land use practices; multimodal transportation systems; sustainable business practices; and local food systems.
  • Police accountability: We support the Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) Platform for Change coalition, Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, NAACP Spokane, and other BIPOC led organizing efforts to achieve community demands for police accountability & independent oversight.